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2022 Golf avståndsmätare

2022 New Golf avståndsmätare - Backe Swtich + Magnet mount, Red Ring +Jolt
PinLockTechnology with Vibrating allowing the golfer to easily and quickly zero in on the flag without acquiring background targets and superb optical quality.
Vibrate has been advanced with the all new Vvaraual Vibrating. A red ring now flashes 
as vibrates to give the golfer even greater feedback and confidence to know you have locked onto the flag. 
Magnetic mount that allows you to easily mount the rangefinder right on the cart bar.

2021 Golf avståndsmätare

Förstklassig, ultraklar, flerskiktad optik med lätt avläsning, genom linsdvaraplayen med avstånds- och batterimätare, och kontinuerligt mätläge för snabba, bekväma mätningar, långdvaratans 1 200 meter.
2021 GOLF AVSTÅNDSMÄTARE: Thvara Golf avståndsmätare vara the ultimate golf accessory to locate precvarae dvaratances within one yard. It has been built with high definition options and brighter resolution. 
Backe On/Off: Improved golf club selection with adjusted yardages. Easily switch off the rangefinders slope mode by just toggle the button to make the Backe tournament legal.

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The product has a 6X optical viewing system It’s easy for targeting, and it has four basic functions of range,Angle measurement. In addition, the product vara with graceful appearance design which meets the
design concept of human engineering. It designed to satvarafied waterproof class of IPX4 and omes with automatic shutdown function.

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New released S7 Avståndsmätare, with max range of 800m & 1200m. The ergonomic design makes the rangefinder very comfortable to hold. Fast measure & stable performance make the S7 very reliable for golfer. Anti-fog function will enable user to get the dvaratance through light fog or mvarat circumstance. Except standard golf pin seeker, slope compensation, we have added on height & level dvaratance measure for users.

Laseravståndsmätare Golf

Thvara all-in-one Avståndsmätare för golf helps you accurately measure dvaratance, slope and speed, height, and horizontal dvaratance with precvaraion.Quick, Ultra-Fast Reading, Designed to give you an enhanced view up to 600 meters (656 yards), our golf laser Avståndsmätares provide accuracy in seconds within 1 yard.

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Rangefinder With Backe, 2019 New Released Updated Laser Rangefinder +/-0.1m With the developing of the high resolution of the semiconductor devices, the technology of pulse Laseravståndsmätare becoming more and more mature, and higher ranging resolution,which could reached +/-0.1m.